Wind Measurement Souyth Africa
Wind Measurement South Africa
Wind Measurement South Africa
South Africa
South Africa wind measurement

Wind Measurement International working
extensively with clients across the globe including the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Wind Measurement South Africa  

Wind Measurement International (WindMI) is a subsidiary of Obelisk Energy. Obelisk Energy is a leading supplier of high quality renewable energy solutions and maintenance services. Obelisk Energy formed WindMI along with Heidra, an international specialist in met masts and wind measurement, to become the leading international wind monitoring providers.

The strategic partnership has created a global centre of excellence in the field of met masts and anemometry with the new company employing the services of some of the world’s leading experts in the field of wind measurement and analysis.

WindMI South Africa provide a turnkey solution for wind measurement and analysis from site surveys, installation of met masts, data capture and monitoring to the provision of reports for banks and planning authorities. As an independent supplier WindMI - South Africa will be able to provide unbiased advice on how to maximise returns from your site.

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WindMI - South Africa already has a wealth of experience nationally and internationally in met masts and wind measurement. As a country, South Africa has extremely remote locations with limited access and difficult terrains. It is our highly skilled crew with an extensive range of experience on all levels of terrain and in all possible weather conditions that allow us the ability to already have the tallest tubular mast in South Africa standing.

Wind Measurement South Africa adheres to the highest health and safety standards and prides itself on its quick deployment and turnaround. Wind Measurement International South Africa is acknowledged as industry leaders for the installation of wind monitoring equipment, utilising the latest methodologies and equipment to provide the highest quality service

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We have an office in Cape Town, and offer local advice on:

  • Mast type – lattice vs tubular
  • Mast heights – fit for purpose on whether a bankable or reference study is required
  • Anchoring systems that suit local conditions
  • Equipment selection
  • Compliance with local regulation

South Africa Wind Measurement  
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